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Social media has transformed how we connect with our friends, followers, communities and customers.

But today’s big social media platforms have big problems:

  • There is no guarantee that your followers will see what you post. Many people report that in their experience, posts reach just 10-20% of your followers.

  • Misinformation is amplified on major social media platforms because it drives more ad sales. Why should people trust your posts more than other posts with more engagement in the same timeline?

  • You may be shadow-banned and not even know it. Some important content is downranked or may be completely banned on major platforms.

  • Do you really want the usual flood of annoying ads between you and the people you want to connect with?

We can do better in The Fediverse, the decentralized social network built on open standards and open source that has already been adopted by 1000’s of communities around the world, and by major organizations including the BBC, WordPress, Flipboard, Gitlab, countless government bodies, and now even Meta in its Threads product.

The Fediverse has none of big social media platform problems, because there are no middle men who get between you and your followers. Nobody manipulates the connection between you and your people to extract maximum profits for themselves.

On the Fediverse:

  • As a creator, you can distribute your content directly to your followers and you will never be shadow-banned.

  • As a news organization, your readers and listeners can get all of your content and no fake news that gets more engagement will crowd our your quality content.

  • As a business, the relationship between you and your customers can be direct with no middleman in the middle.

At Dazzle Labs Inc., we help customers navigate this rapidly changing new market, create bespoke social solutions based on our unique peer computing technology platform, and connect you to the Fediverse in just the right way that’s good for you and your followers.

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